I am a 45-year-old new blogger and mom of 3 sons ages 25, 19, and 12 years old. It has not been easy raising them, but I tell you that I have fallen deeper in love with them by the minute. One has graduated college with his Bachelors, heading back for his Masters after a small break. My middle son is going into his second year of college. My last little guy is currently being home-schooled and we are having a blast!! I finally received my degree and I have my own salon business and I am building a travel agency business at home as well. I love working with women and encouraging them to grow and keep pursuing their dreams. As women, we go through a lot emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually and some of us do it alone. I want to share my experiences and hope to be an encouraging source to someone who needs it. I started this blog in the hopes that I would reach women, or men, just like me outside of my immediate space to encourage them in their journey and let them know that they are not alone.

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